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Electric Heating Brerthing Filter

Classification:Electric Heating Breathing Filter
Electrical heating breather filter mainly used in sterile vent of a storage tank of water for injection as well as a mixing tank to filter and to heat the air in order to prevent the formation of condensation thus eliminate the effect of exhaust. It provides precise temperature control and advanced heating and insulation function. The company's products are manufactured in strict accordance with the norms of the new version GMP, meet the requirements of production qualification against users.

Input:AC220V   50HZ


Range of temperature control:-50℃-150℃ Display Accuracy:0.1℃ 

Highest tolerated temperature: 220 ℃

Control accuracy 0.5 ℃

Thermal shutdown temperature settings: 85 ℃ ± 5 ℃

Withstand voltage: 2.5KV

Heater body: nickel-chromium alloy wire and high-temperature insulating cloth silicone rubber combination

Temperature Sensor: PT100

Protection grade: IP65

Insulation materials: 6mm thick silicone rubber layer

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